heart bye pass surgery in indiaheart bye pass surgery in indiaheart bye pass surgery in india

Tourism in India

Medical Tourism is made possible and has gained popularity due to the advancement in medical technology, more affordable travel and the availability of information provided by the mass


Communication with patients can be improved and patient care enhanced if health care providers can bridge the divide between..

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India has fascinated people from all over the world with her secularism and her culture. There are historical monuments, beaches,

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q - How is India as a place for medical treatments?

- India has become one of the destination for medical treatment. The Facilities normally being provided are of international standards and all the treatments and surgeries are at a very low cost as compared to other counties. There are Hospitals and medical centers with JCI Accredition and ISO Certification in India.

Q - How can a holiday be arranged in India?

- Health Vogaye provides as per your request facilities for Air ticketing, Car rentals, Hotel Reservations, sight seeing etc...Tailored made itinerary or Health Voyage Itinerary can be Booked at a highly competitive Cost.

Q - Which are the compulsory vaccinations before coming to India?

- The yellow Fever Vaccination certificate is required to be brought into India, if a tourist originates from or transiting through Yellow feverendmic countries. This is confirming to the international Health Regulation, But, Citizens and travelers from coming from the United States-U.S.A-, Canada, or The United Kingdom, do not require any vaccination certificate or inoculations.

It is recommended to get a precautionary measure vaccination against hepatitis- B, if you plan to stay longer in India to avoid Malaria, Dengue, Then Take course of anti malaria tablets.

Q - What are the information required to confirm my tourism booking with HealthVoyage?

- Following are some of the information we require in order to confirm your booking.

  • Passport No
  • Date of pass port issue
  • Validity Of passport
  • Passport Issued at
  • Date of Birth
  • Your complete name as in the pass port
  • Complete Address
  • You’re Nationality
  • Your Visa Number if you already posses Visa with you
  • Your telephone Number
  • Mobile Number If Any
  • Your arrival Date, Airline Number and time
  • Your departure date Air line number and time.

Q - How much you can save by your treatment in India as compared to U.S.A, U.K, Middle east , and other countries.

- You save from 50 - 80% even including Air fares and local Stay into Consideration

Q - What is the Payments on Booking & Cancellation policy.

Booking:-  20% of the total estimate given has to be paid in advance which is non-refundable for bookings of schedule procedures and facilities.
80% of the remaining cost of estimate quote should be transferred before 25 days of arrival in India or in- emergency before the arrival.

Cancellation:-  20% of the estimate cost would be charged if cancellation made before 25 days arrival. 30% of the estimate cost would be charged if cancellation made between 10 to 15 days. 40% of the estimate cost would be charged if cancellation made between 3 to 9 days. 50% of the estimate cost would be charged if cancellation made between 1 to 2 Days. Once you reached India and if the treatment of reserved hotel or guest house or room or post treatment rehabilitation holiday is cancelled then the following cancellation over given cost quote will apply. On Medical Reason-20% Due to Patient's self decision-100%

Q - Is India really a better place to get medical treatment?

- Yes, India is emerged as the preferred Health Care destination and from over 50 countries across the world are flocking India due to Low Cost of Medical care and world class expertise availability.

Accreditation of Indian hospitals by institution like J.C.I of USA and recognisation by NHS of U.K there is no doubt about the standard of health care Facility of world standard In India.

Q - If I want to come for Holidays does Health Voyage also provide all logistic for holidays In India?

- Yes,Health Voyage would definitely provide all logistic as per your request from Air ticketing to Car rentals to hotel bookings to sight seeing to shopping to fare and festivals making your trip comfortable and memorable. –Tailored made itinerary or Health Voyage Itinerary can be Booked at very competitive Cost.

Q - If I Choose and Out Door Medical procedures similarly to Ophthalmology, Dentistry, or Laparoscopic surgery which does not restrict Traveling Does Health Voyage would organize Logistics to see the India ?

- Yes, Health Voyage would facilitate all the logistics required to see and have holidays with medical facility in India .

Q - How can I book a Holiday Tour to India ?

- Just see various itineraries on our website and e-mail us to book any one or multiple of them. Or instead if you make your own itinerary we would provide all the relevant information immediately to you. Email us on- info@healthvoyage.co.in