heart bye pass surgery in indiaheart bye pass surgery in indiaheart bye pass surgery in india

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Medical Tourism is made possible and has gained popularity due to the advancement in medical technology, more affordable travel and the availability of information provided by the mass


Communication with patients can be improved and patient care enhanced if health care providers can bridge the divide between..

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India has fascinated people from all over the world with her secularism and her culture. There are historical monuments, beaches,

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Madical Pakages

Our bodies are not designed for the food we eat and the fast pace of life we lead. Stress, obesity, sedentary life and pollution can take a toll on our bodies.The incidence of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer are on the rise. Major diseases mainifest as minor sympotoms. It is importent to recognize these sympotoms and nip it in the bud. Recent advances in medicine concludes that predication can prevent the onset of a major disease even before symptoms appear. This can be done by regular health checks. Asiri Health Check offers a wide range of packages at on affordable price to suit each individual. Asiri hospital is renowned for its laboratory and has an excellent radiology department. At the Health Check each individual is assessed by a history, special investigations and a physical examniantion. The result are discussed and explained by physician. Please Click below links to view our Medical Package details

  • Cardiac
  • Cosmetic Surgery
    • Brest Augmentation
    • Face Lift
  • Orthpedic Care
    • Hip Replacement
    • Knee Joint Replacment
    • Bone Maro Transplantation
  • Heart Care
    • Byeepass Surgery (cabg)
  • Eye Crae
    • Laser Refraction
    • Lasik Eye Surgery